Written by our experienced business advisors, this catalogue explores many issues associated with running an SME business.

Here we comment upon the latest business trends and relevant financial information, as well as explore topics such as how to structure your company for growth, and how to develop KPIs that will add value to your business.

sales team for business growth how to recruit small business consultancy UK
6 Steps to Constructing Your First Sales Team

Creating a sales team is a key milestone; it usually marks progression beyond start up and early development when the founders are no longer able to do everything and help is required.

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data driven business strategy small business consultant and coach UK
Managing by fact…not gut feeling!

In order to be as efficient and competitive as possible, small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s), large Business’s and Not-For-Profit Organisations must do things differently.

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small businesses social media and business growth
What Small Companies can be doing to Drive Business Growth

Social Media as a Tool for Small Companies Because of recent economic drawbacks in the United Kingdom, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) find themselves lacking customers and opportunities.

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manage time small business owners UK
7 Tips for Small Business Owners on How to Manage Time

One of the most important assets that small business owners have is time. You can lose money and still earn it back. A business can go bankrupt, and still manage to reverse its financial status...

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planning business exit as a director advice - small business consultant and advisor UK
Planning your Business Exit? Get your Ducks in a Row!

We are increasingly being approached by businesses where the directors are beginning to think about life beyond their business and are planning their exit.

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business cold call small business lead generation advice UK
Rumours of the Death of the Cold Call are Greatly Exaggerated!

One of my recent posts attracted a lot of comment; the all new Marketing and sales funnel got a lot of interest and helped contributed to a fascinating and lengthy debate in a LinkedIn group...

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