Benefits of becoming a Pro-actions business advisor

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Forge strong and lasting relationships in business

Learn from our area directors and our industry partners

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Grow your client base with new opportunities

Our events and marketing support will give you more ways to grow

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Drive success for SMEs to achieve their full potential

When they succeed, so do we, sharing common business goals

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Get stuck in and make sure things get done

Seize the opportunity to embrace our hands-on approach

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Become Business Advisor

Motivated, experienced business advisors

Our clients need to be able to trust that they are receiving advice from people who genuinely understand how to make an SME business work. Our advisors therefore need to have direct experience of having successfully run an SME, or a strong track record in senior corporate or banking roles that bring transferrable skills.

If you are motivated and driven, and you have the skills and experience to help established SMEs reach their full potential, then we’d love you to consider joining our elite team of advisors.

Become Business Advisor

A hands-on approach

Pro-actions business advisors are required to do a lot more than just dispense advice as we don’t just offer encouragement and opinion. Instead, we recognise that one of the biggest blocks to SME business is having access to people that know what to do as well as know how to make it happen. One without the other is useless. Pro-actions advisors are very hands on – not only guiding clients, but also getting stuck into delivery to help make sure things actually get done.

Our advisors all have a broad range of skills which includes knowing that they need to understand a situation before they can advise on it. Often the symptom isn’t the real problem and our advisors are masters at diagnostics and seeing the wood for the trees.

Many of our advisors have run their own businesses or had successful careers in finance or commercial roles. We choose advisors who share our passion for helping SME owners realise their personal goals by achieving a well-performing business.

Become Business Advisor

Full support from our central team

By joining our franchise of advisors, you will receive full support, including training in our proven Pro-actions approach as well as weekly contact with your area director who will be your personal mentor, guide, business coach, and primary sounding board. If you have a tricky business problem to resolve on behalf of a client, all of the senior management team will always be available to give specific guidance or get involved as needed. Pro-actions also provide central marketing support and regular business development opportunities to help you develop your own client base.

Pro-actions have close relationships with major banks, local authorities, and other professional partners interested in developing SMEs. As well as working with clients, our business advisors are fully involved in customer-facing events, many of which are co-branded with these high profile partners.

Are you ready to join our team?

If you think you have what it takes to become a business advisor and make a real difference to SMEs, we would be interested to hear from you.

We have established our business consultancy brand in the south of England, and we’re looking to share our knowledge and experience across the whole of the UK.

Get in touch to find out more about joining the Pro-actions team.

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