Business Consultation

Book a free one-to-one advisory session with a Pro-actions coach

The session will last about two hours.

  •  Step outside your business and gain experienced perspective from an advisor who understands where you are now.
  • The advisor will seek to identify your goals, what you want from your business and the opportunities and problems that you face.
  • You will be left with a clearer sense of direction, with practical recommendations to improve your business.
  • It’s completely free, with no obligation or commitment required.
  • Meet face-to-face in a setting compliant with Covid-restrictions, or chat via a video call or phone call.

Use our form to book a session and we'll call you to arrange a suitable date

Watch what our clients have to say about our free one-to-one business consultation

The video below outlines the experiences of some business owners who met Pro-actions initially in a one-to-one business consultation session and then went on to become long term-clients.

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