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Two big things we help SME owner-managers with:

(1) Getting your head straight about what you want your business to do for you.

(2) Getting your business set up so that you run it rather than it running you.

All businesses are complicated systems – lots of things have to be done well together to enable a successful business to work. And the business tends only to be as strong as its weakest link.

We work across all areas of your business to help make sure that each area is fit for purpose and working well with the other areas. Our schematic below illustrates the areas in which we operate and how they inter-relate with each other.


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Problems and pain points: how our business support services will help you

Problems and pain points in businesses often manifest in different areas from their root causes. We specialise in taking the time to understand you and your business so as to find the root causes of problems. And then work with you and alongside you to fix them. A key differentiator is that we’re ‘sleeves rolled up’ people. We know that in an SME there just isn’t the resource and time available to get everything done so it’s all hands to the pump. So we’re more interested in getting it done than we are producing fancy reports.

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Some specific issues and pain points that we regularly encounter and deal with:

• Lack of clear direction and goals for the business
• Muddled or unclear strategy about how to achieve the goals
• Ineffective marketing / insufficient leads or opportunities for sales
• Ineffective sales / insufficient turnover
• Cashflow problems (lack of cash or failure to see issues coming)
• People issues (lack of accountability, motivation, retention, conflict)
• General lack of grip and control
• Inability to raise finance

business advisors near me

Sometimes there are exceptional issues and decisions that are outside the normal ambit of running a business where we also help by rolling up our sleeves and working alongside you:

• Mergers, acquisitions and divestments
• Crisis resolution
• Emergency financing
• Exit or sale planning
• Distress resolution and turnaround
• Potential insolvency situations

A flexible approach to our business consultancy services

How clients tend to work with us depends slightly on the nature of the situation, and we’re able to tailor our services to you and your company. Our business advisory services will address your specific problems and pain points, so we can identify your individual issues and better understand how to resolve them.

We’re very flexible, but there tend to be four broad types of engagement for us:

Retained advisory

We work alongside you on a retained basis as a mentor, guide, and experienced pair of hands. We’re focused on ‘governance’ – i.e. how we set the business up so that it can be managed without the owner being the glue in everything. If you’re surrounded by alligators the first thing to do is drain the swamp. This is all about getting the owner off the treadmill so that they can focus on really driving the business forward rather than spinning plates. The relationship evolves with the business and these are usually long-term relationships. We don’t however tie you in to long term contracts – it’s a point of principle and distinction for us that we work month-to-month to ensure that you’re in control and we’re adding value.

Interim support

We step into a specific role in the business to help cover a gap – for example as a result of sudden personnel loss, maternity cover etc. Sometimes these roles have never existed in the organisation and need to be defined before they can be recruited – in which case an interim put in to ‘bottom it out’ and work out what’s really needed is a much more economic and low-risk way of proceeding. These roles are usually senior management roles like sales director, marketing director or finance director where we are filling a competence gap in the organisation quickly and economically. These engagements often run alongside retained advisory.

Project support

We work alongside you to help deliver a specific outcome. Examples might include launching a new product, negotiating a sale or purchase, resolving a specific conflict or situation. These tend to be shorter engagements defined by a project plan and by their nature can be very varied.

'Mini MBA' business workshops

We run group learning workshops over a twelve-month period which cover all of the key disciplines of running an SME. The 'Mini MBA course' course comprises up to ten like-minded (but - importantly - not competing) business owners coming together each month to work through materials and challenges supported by one of our advisors. These workshops are built around creating a business plan so that they cover all of the key areas and ultimately result in a properly robust plan.

Grow your business with our services

Please do have a chat with the experts at Pro-actions. Our business coaching services near you include a diverse range of specialisations and packages to enable you to meet the goals that you are working towards.

Contact us online or call our team on 03333 440 517 to discuss our services. Discover more about our Mini MBA business workshops. And if you are looking for some more tailored recommendations, then find out more about our free advisory session.

Are you unsure about how healthy your business is and what you need to do for it to survive the uncertainty and fallout of the current climate? Take our Business Health Assessment today. It’s quick and easy, and it’s the perfect way to find out which of our services is right for you.


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