Written by our experienced business advisors, this catalogue explores many issues associated with running an SME business.

Here we comment upon the latest business trends and relevant financial information, as well as explore topics such as how to structure your company for growth, and how to develop KPIs that will add value to your business.

competitor analysis and customer segments
Markets, Competitors and Customer Segmentation

Competitor Analysis for Businesses In order to be the best at what you do, it’s important to understand what your competitors are doing – and how your business can do it better. Competitor analysis for...

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Grow your business UK
Two Approaches to Grow Your Business: Core & Adjacency

You want to grow your business; but how? Many businesses first though is diversification; develop new markets or introduce new products and services without first maximising the opportunity in their core business.

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time management - managing me
Managing Me … for Optimum Results!

Time Management – Managing Me … for Optimum Results! Time management is an underrated skill; particularly when applied to managing ourselves. Here is a sobering thought; if you’re lucky enough to live to the age...

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Power of why
The Power of Why

Inspirational Leadership and the Power of WHY Recently there have been three separate occasions where I have been reminded of the “Power of Why”. The goal, dream or vision that underpins what you are trying...

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Successful small business - Executive coaching and consultancy UK
5 Ways on How to Make Your Business Successful

Business owners are always looking for ways to enjoy greater success, increased profitability, more engaged employees, and higher profile. As a business owner, you want to make your business successful

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effective leadership in small business - Coaching and Consultancy Services UK
Effective Leadership

As a boss, it is your responsibility to oversee the running of your business in all aspects from coming up with new products and services, dealing with clients, as well as handling personnel. However, being...

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