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Power of why
The Power of Why

Inspirational Leadership and the Power of WHY Recently there have been three separate occasions where I have been reminded of the “Power of Why”. The goal, dream or vision that underpins what you are trying...

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Successful small business - Executive coaching and consultancy UK
5 Ways on How to Make Your Business Successful

Business owners are always looking for ways to enjoy greater success, increased profitability, more engaged employees, and higher profile. As a business owner, you want to make your business successful

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effective leadership in small business - Coaching and Consultancy Services UK
Effective Leadership

As a boss, it is your responsibility to oversee the running of your business in all aspects from coming up with new products and services, dealing with clients, as well as handling personnel. However, being...

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successful business people stay productive and in control
How Successful People Stay Productive and In Control

A recent study has been conducted, showing that successful people are also those who have high emotional intelligence. On the other hand, the core of emotional intelligence is self-control, which is a skill that releases...

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How to Delegate – 7 Tips to Effectively Delegate

Most small business owners do a lot of things to keep their business running smoothly. As years go by, the owner needs to learn how to delegate some of the daily tasks and responsibilities. This...

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What is an ‘intrapreneur’
What is an ‘intrapreneur’ and why are they crucial in your business?

What is a Intrapreneur? By definition, it is is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur, while working within a large organization. But it is also a crucial part of running a small business.

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