How to Delegate – 7 Tips to Effectively Delegate


POSTED ON: Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

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Most small business owners do a lot of things to keep their business running smoothly. As years go by, the owner needs to learn how to delegate some of the daily tasks and responsibilities. This is needed to help the business grow.

There are several things that SME owners need to consider when it comes to building a team and delegating some of the tasks. Below are 7 tips for effective delegation to help small business owners get on the right path.

No One is an Island

When the SME owner does everything by oneself, it will only result in failure. One should accept the fact that everyone is connected in this world. There is a shared responsibility in order to get things done. That’s why there is a need to learn how to delegate.

Analyse One’s Needs

The first thing that a SME owner should do is to know their needs first. Effective delegation requires figuring out where one’s time is going. They should track their time, both for billable and non-billable work. It will show where the time is going and where most of it goes. This is the best way to find out which tasks can be delegated and tasks that can be eliminated.

Explore the Options

There are various options available for SME owners who want to delegate. The most effective one will help the company grow and change for the better. Two of the most common options of delegation are outsourcing to an independent contractor and hiring an employee. There are several factors one needs to consider when choosing between an independent contractor and hiring a permanent employee.

Explain to Employees What Needs to Be Done

Effective delegation is having the ability to ensure that members of the team understand their responsibilities. They should be encouraged to ask questions in order to clarify what they didn’t understand. That way they know exactly what they need to do.

Define the Responsibilities of the Workers

The SME owner must determine the level of responsibility of each team member. The worker must understand their responsibilities, and understand the task and its goals. One way to do so is to ask the employees about they understand about the delegated tasks. If the answer is not the same as your expectations, then the issue should be reviewed in detail.

Delegate Early

SME owners must make an effort to delegate a task early. This will help prevent adding pressure to the employees. It allows the worker to do better planning for the task given to him/her.

Trust the Team

Effective delegation is the result of trusting employees. If the SME owner doesn’t trust their team members then it will be hard to assign tasks because of the worries that it can’t be done in time, or they will do it the wrong way. This is one of the reasons why owners don’t delegate and instead do it on their own.

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