Leadership and Management

Can neuroscience help us to be better business leaders?

Economists tell us that any business enterprise, whatever its size, is operating in a highly competitive, global market. Sociologists tell us that in the UK we face a demographic time bomb predicting a return to...

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7 year business itch - Support Business Mentoring and Coaching
Is your business suffering from the Seven Year Itch?

Over the years, there have been many theories which suggest that our bodies develop and change every seven years. For example, Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner created a theory of human development based on seven-year cycles...

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falling out of love with your business - Business help and support UK
Falling back in love with your business

With this year’s Valentines celebrations still fresh in our memories. We at Pro-actions are often reminded that many smaller businesses have owners that have fallen out of love with their businesses. Through our experience within...

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Board meeting - help and advise UK
How regularly do you hold a board meeting?

This is a question we always ask business owners. In a large percentage of cases the answer is usually “once a year” or “very infrequently”. The reason for this is that many SME owners don’t...

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Recruitment Roulette – are you a player?

Forget Casinos. Most business owners and managers gamble every time they recruit a new employee and most of them have no idea how much it really costs them. Can your company afford to play ‘Recruitment...

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family business issues - Pro-actions Business mentoring
Family Business Issues

Research into family businesses indicates some startling facts: We are all aware that family owned small businesses provide a vital and important contribution to the UK economy. But research into family businesses indicates some startling...

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