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Responsibilities as a managing director small business coaching and consultation
Being Aware of Your Own Responsibilities to Your Business and to Yourself

When it comes to conducting business, as many people would say, intelligence is important. But it seems to be overrated. Aside from having the mental skills that will be essential for your business success, another...

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Change management and executive consultancy for small business UK
When Change in Business is the Better Move

Embracing change comes easy for many people. But is also difficult to some. When change in business is the only choice your company has, business coaching is probably the best option. This helps employees and...

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Planning growth - problems with business growth
Growth Pains

Everyone wants to grow, right? Well not everyone but there’s a well-known phrase that goes “if you are not moving forwards, you are going backwards!” But I’m not talking about incremental change; this blog is concerned...

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time management - managing me
Managing Me … for Optimum Results!

Time Management – Managing Me … for Optimum Results! Time management is an underrated skill; particularly when applied to managing ourselves. Here is a sobering thought; if you’re lucky enough to live to the age...

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Power of why
The Power of Why

Inspirational Leadership and the Power of WHY Recently there have been three separate occasions where I have been reminded of the “Power of Why”. The goal, dream or vision that underpins what you are trying...

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Successful small business - Executive coaching and consultancy UK
5 Ways on How to Make Your Business Successful

Business owners are always looking for ways to enjoy greater success, increased profitability, more engaged employees, and higher profile. As a business owner, you want to make your business successful

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