Written by our experienced business advisors, this catalogue explores many issues associated with running an SME business.

Here we comment upon the latest business trends and relevant financial information, as well as explore topics such as how to structure your company for growth, and how to develop KPIs that will add value to your business.

family business issues - Pro-actions Business mentoring
Family Business Issues

Research into family businesses indicates some startling facts: We are all aware that family owned small businesses provide a vital and important contribution to the UK economy. But research into family businesses indicates some startling...

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business plan mistakes - Pro-actions Business Coaching
10 Common Business Plan Mistakes

There are many elements that make a good business plan. It often takes time, patience and many revisions before you get it right. Unfortunately if you rush to get your funding in place and launch...

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salespeople fail - Business Sales Mentoring and Advice UK
10 Reasons Salespeople Often Fail

Understanding the need for a sales process, what it is and how to improve it are essential if you want to increase your sales and profit. This article will help you avoid the quicksand and...

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focus and productive work - Business coaching and consultancy UK
5 Ways to Help You Stay Focused and Productive!

There are many things that impact how well you function, your productivity and the quality of your work. It doesn’t matter what your business plan or marketing strategy is, the one thing that will make...

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Successful business people - Business Coaching and support UK
9 Beliefs of Highly Successful People

When you want to improve yourself and be more successful it’s always a good idea to model yourself and your behaviours on other people who are successful. And when you look at successful people, regardless...

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Business performance through teams - Business Coaching UK
Improving Business Performance through your team – 9 must do actions and 7 to avoid!!

So just what makes the difference between two businesses which on the surface look very similar?

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