Written by our experienced business advisors, this catalogue explores many issues associated with running an SME business.

Here we comment upon the latest business trends and relevant financial information, as well as explore topics such as how to structure your company for growth, and how to develop KPIs that will add value to your business.

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Banks should support Growing Businesses … ‘unconditionally’ …

Our prime role as parents is to support our children to grow to a point of maturity and independence.  Often, the needs and demands of our children lead to support being ‘unconditional’. Frequently accepting that...

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Have you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

We can all name a few elite entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, James Dyson, Bill Gates and others from Silicon Valley who are giants on the international stage but you don’t need to be a global superstar...

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Business Planning is ‘old school’…Reality or Rubbish?

Business Planning is ‘old school’ … Entrepreneurship is about getting out into the big wide world and doing stuff! Not simply researching and writing a Business Plans! Reality or Rubbish? A respected Lecturer writing in...

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Economic Growth – Opportunity or Threat?

The latest economic growth figures issued last week confirmed that the UK economy has returned to its pre-recession peak. And is now producing more than it has ever produced before. So shouldn’t business owners feel...

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Can neuroscience help us to be better business leaders?

Economists tell us that any business enterprise, whatever its size, is operating in a highly competitive, global market. Sociologists tell us that in the UK we face a demographic time bomb predicting a return to...

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7 year business itch - Support Business Mentoring and Coaching
Is your business suffering from the Seven Year Itch?

Over the years, there have been many theories which suggest that our bodies develop and change every seven years. For example, Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner created a theory of human development based on seven-year cycles...

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