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Winning New Customers via Social Media for Business

Posted on 15/12/2015, 14:44

Social Media has fast become one of the most effective platforms for businesses. Aside from creating communities, social media for business is somehow being seen as a means of winning new customers.

However, this was not the norm in the past.

The Previous Scenarios of Social Media for Business

When Facebook was starting out, a lot of subscribers were more on the trial stage and hence less trusting on their choice of friends and networks. Social Media for business was limited to how much they were primarily known by Likers, on a personal level. This meant most subscribers or followers would merely Like a Page if they have already experienced the product or service.

At an earlier stage, Social Media had the primary purpose of keeping their existing customers informed about the latest news on products. This was how Social Media for business initially functioned.

Today’s Shift of Perspective

As several more years went by, Social Media for business may somehow witness a more welcoming set of possible Likers who may not have regularly experienced their products or services. Similar thinkers may already be accepting of Social Media for business and be invited by their friends to Like a page although they have not tried out the brand yet. This is how powerful Digital Word of Mouth has become.

Social Media for Business Needs to Stay Credible and Relatable

To increase your reach from your existing Likers and via Ads, it would be sensible to make your page as credible and relatable as possible. It is very easy to come up with any Facebook Account these days, so it is important to try out Social Media for business while still maintaining a trustworthily designed page.

In making a credible looking page, it is important to fill out as much details as possible especially on the about tab. You may also Like some affiliates and suppliers, or even invite them comment on your page. It would be even better if Social Media for business would include the Pages of your partners which already have a strong following.

Social Media for Business Must Create Potentially Viral Posts

If the content of your posts are interesting enough, the word can spread on as people share them on their very own pages. Just make sure to cleanly place your logo or Facebook page in the shareable material itself, so it would be easier for sharers to find you and enjoy more of your materials. As your material on Social Media for business gets viral, you would have more chances to gain additional Likes and reach even to those who have not heard of your brand yet.

The trends on Social Media for business are definitely on a constant change. Try applying the mentioned tips and see how you can increase your reach with social media.

About the Author: Scott Whitehead is a Business Improvement Specialist with Pro-actions, and resident expert in Social Media. For a free chat about what Scott can do for you and your business, including successful business tips, contact us today.

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