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“I was introduced to Pro-actions as I was looking for support to help my business through a period of growth and consequent change. The advice and support I have received from them has been outstanding. Having someone with such experience and an external perspective has been invaluable. They helped to ensure that the decisions I make with my team are the best ones for us and our business. We’re looking to sustain our relationship with Pro-actions” Steven Harding, MD

“I was introduced to Pro-actions by my Bank Manager at one of their seminars. I never thought having a business coach would be something that would work for me as I didn’t see any value. But now I cannot speak more highly of Pro-actions. They help focus you on where you want to get to I can only say everyone should have a Pro-actions coach. I am sure there are 100’s of business’s out there, who if they would just take the time and give it a go would benefit as much as we have!” Nick Morgan, MD

“We first met Pro-actions at a business briefing and I was instantly impressed by their knowledge, ethos and style. They’ve really helped us structure our business from a one man band running the red line to a highly performing company. Their assistance in the key areas of Sales and Marketing has improved our conversion rate by 50% and increased our turnover by 33.3%. I would recommend them to anyone serious about improving their business, except my competitors.” Joey Lovejoy, Director

“We have worked with Pro-actions since the beginning of 2015 and they’ve helped focus our actions resulting in us finalising our business plan for growth, implementing a revised business structure, increasing our focus on sales & marketing, financial and business reviews. We have developed a clear strategic view of where we are going and how we can get there, we have also hit our annual growth target as a result of the work undertaken.” Matt Saunders MD

“Pro-actions have empowered me to lead my teams to deliver higher growth, helping us develop a strategy and plan for growth, improved sales infrastructure, a marketing plan and a business management model. We have engaged their services for nearly 4 years and will continue to do so as the business continues its growth acceleration.” Sharon Bignall MD

“Having set up my business I contacted Pro-actions for advice. Pro-actions were extremely attentive. During our meetings Pro-actions greatly helped shape the direction I have gone in. They are conscientious and both clear and articulate in there advice. I would certainly recommend talking to Pro-actions both pre and/or during the setting up a new business.”Donald Pennant, MD

“I asked Pro-actions to assist me with the development and growth of my company and to be perfectly honest, I could not of approached a better company to help me with my business, they’re honest, direct and gave me the ability to see what I needed to do to help my company in the future. With his on going support and help, I feel best placed to achieve what I need to do to build my company.”Jean-Claude Hedouin, MD

“Pro-actions have helped us develop a much better and focused marketing plan. Helping targeting and retaining customers through system development. Would recommend them for any business that needs new direction.” Roy Roberts, MD

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