Mobile Friendly Design; the Big Opportunity for the Small Business

mobile friendly website why is it important for small business

POSTED ON: Thursday, March 5th, 2015


Year 2014 was a year when mobile marketing began to flourish. With mobile devices are in the hands of almost all in individuals, businesses especially the small enterprise have gained a wider audience. Maximising their exposure.

Interestingly enough, more than 90% of people with mobile devices are searching for local and small businesses via their smartphones. That being said, what do you think is the implication of these stats to your role as a small business owner? This boils down to the importance of having mobile friendly sites where visitors can clearly look at your business at their convenience. Without having mobile friendly websites for your businesses, you are at risk of losing possible sales and revenue.

Why be mobile friendly?

Truth is told; only 5% of business owners have set up their own mobile friendly website due to the lack of information. This is why setting up your site with mobile-friendly design is important, so you achieve a great head start over your competitors. Whether you own a retail store, restaurant or offering plumbing, cleaning, and counselling services, channelling your products and services through the mobile market will create a big difference to your business.

What makes mobile friendly websites different?

As an example; your mobile website can help mobile device owners in going over your business page efficiently without experiencing lags and waiting time. Which basically can turn off potential customers. Usually, lengthy loading time is most common among websites, which are not designed for mobile usage. Hence, a different website for special mobile platform should be created to ensure that you get all potential customers to your business. Whether through their PC or their mobile devices.

In addition, the presence of click-to-call button on your business mobile website can also increase the probability for Smartphone owners to contact your business and make some inquiries and purchases. These mentioned above can only be realised if you have mobile friendly sites for your small enterprise.

How do you get one?

Now that you know how necessary it is for you to have mobile friendly sites for your business. You might be asking next how you can have one for your business? Well, you can always ask for help from reliable mobile website developers and designers. With many companies offering web design and development for mobile use, you have a plenty of options.

You just have to learn to select the best one who can deliver effective results in a cost-effective way. By employing a well-trusted web developer, you can guarantee that your mobile friendly sites will perfectly work for your business. Whatever it may be.

About the Author:

Scott Whitehead is a Business Improvement Specialist with Pro Actions. Serving Braintree and surrounding areas. A recognised expert in online marketing, Scott runs and delivers courses to MBA students on the subject of mobile marketing. For a free chat about what Scott can do for you and your business contact us today.