10 Free Tools to Effectively Manage Your Internet Marketing

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POSTED ON: Thursday, March 26th, 2015


There is no getting around the fact that internet marketing is an indispensable tool, for any business. A company, which does not harness this particular tool is putting itself at a major disadvantage.

After all, it’s a fairly sure bet that it will have at least one, if not several competitors, who will be aggressively making use of online marketing in order to increase their bottom line. So a company, which lacks this marketing will be missing out on many opportunities. The beauty of this, however, is that there are many free tools, which are designed to help manage your internet marketing. Here are ten examples of these.

1. TweetDeck

Social media is an important aspect of internet marketing, and TweetDeck makes its mark by allowing managers to stay on top of multiple social media feeds. It was purchased by Twitter, which is a clear indication of this service’s importance. The downside though is that it cannot handle many different kinds of social media services. For instance, it doesn’t have LinkedIn integration.

2. HootSuite

This is very much like TweetDeck, except that this site can handle certain social media accounts that TweetDeck can’t. It’s the social media dashboard of choice for many professionals.

3. Feedly

This is an RSS reader, which gained in popularity thanks in part to the shutdown of the Google Reader service. While there is a lot of emphasis today on social media, RSS still offers a very solid way for internet marketers to stay up-to-date on what thought leaders are saying, and what competitors are posting. So think of this as situational awareness for internet marketing.

4. Google Autocomplete

This one is fairly straightforward, and if you’ve used Google, you already know how this works. As you type in the search box, Google tries to predict what you are about to ask it, based on commonly searched for terms. Keyword research continues to become more difficult, but this is one simple way to hunt for ideas.

5. Google Trends

This service allows you to see how particular search terms have risen or fallen recently. It can also be very useful for keyword research.

6. Google Analytics

The amount and type of information available using Google Analytics has changed over time, but it remains one of the most important sources of information when it comes to learning about visitors to a site, how they got there and what they did on the site.

7. YouTube Analytics

This is similar to the previous tool, except that the focus here is on your YouTube channel. As a video continues to gain importance and an even wider audience, these analytics will become even more important for businesses.

8. Buffer

This is a service, which is particularly useful for people who post to social media accounts. Activity is the name of the game here because if people notice that an account is dormant, they’ll be less likely to be interested in it. Buffer helps with this by allowing managers to schedule social media posts in advance. This eases the internet marketing workload somewhat and helps to create a smooth and continuous pipeline of content.

9. Mailchimp

Email continues to be relevant, even with the explosive growth of social media. For many consumers, email will continue to be one of the fundamentals of their internet communication. Mailchimp harnesses this by allowing internet marketers to develop longer term relationships with their audience, through continuous engagement.

10. The Readability Test Tool

Since there’s a lot more emphasis on the quality of content in internet marketing, as opposed to merely quantity, it helps to use tools to countercheck just that. The Readability test tool attempts to gauge just how easily your article, post or content can be read and understood. If the article doesn’t read very well, you’ll find out fairly quickly, and you’ll still have time to make the necessary changes.


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