leadership and social media
Social Media Skills for Leadership

Social media offers a lot of opportunity for any business, but as well as hazard.  It is an ideal platform to connect to the customers and improve your branding by using the most recent and...

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Social media win new customer for small business UK (1)
Winning New Customers via Social Media for Business

Social Media has fast become one of the most effective platforms for businesses. Aside from creating communities, social media for business is somehow being seen as a means of winning new customers.

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Twitter polls for business social media consultant UK
Using Twitter Polls for Your Business

One of Social Media’s biggest platforms just released its latest update of allowing for customers to choose between ideas or options. Meet Twitter polls.

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Business advisors and coaches why small businesses need them
External Advisor: Why Successful Business Owners Look for Them

The success of a business will be dependent on a number of factors. Such as; the way the owners manage the company, the capabilities of the workforce, the competitive landscape and the way that the...

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hiring a business coach UK
10 Ways Hiring a Coach Can Make Your Business More Successful

Hiring a business coach is most often underestimated, especially when it comes to assisting a starting or an existing business. As a matter of fact, a lot still consider hiring a business coach is just...

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social media strategy small business coaching and mentoring UK
7 Steps to Simplify Social Media Strategy for Your Business

Hubspot has found that 92 percent of marketers hold that social media marketing plays a pivotal role for their business. Eighty percent added that social media efforts resulted in increased visits to their website.

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