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Building your Elevator Pitch

Have you ever been in that situation? You know the one……you are in lift, with a stranger, it’s a slow lift and they ask that question:

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6 Steps to Constructing Your First Sales Team

Creating a sales team is a key milestone; it usually marks progression beyond start up and early development when the founders are no longer able to do everything and help is required.

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Rumours of the Death of the Cold Call are Greatly Exaggerated!

One of my recent posts attracted a lot of comment; the all new Marketing and sales funnel got a lot of interest and helped contributed to a fascinating and lengthy debate in a LinkedIn group...

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sales funnel for small business - executive consultancy and coaching SMEs
The All New Marketing – Sales Funnel

For many companies the sales process is changing. The old method of cold calling prospects to interest...

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improving sales with a sales process
Improving Sales – A Data Driven Process

I was speaking on “Improving Sales” at a recent event and started with capturing the key sales issues faced by the businesses present. The list included demonstrating a need / describing the benefit, generating and...

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Don’t be put off, Act Smart – Handling Sales Objections

We all agree that Sales is an important function in any business. Many sales people think of objections during the sales process as a bad thing…. they are missing the big picture. If your customer...

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