Balance profits for small business advise consultant (1)
New products and old? – How to balance profits

As any business, small or large, grows there comes a point when there is a decision to be made to add new products or services.

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Qualify sales to win Small business advice (1)
Sales – Qualify To Win!

Time is a finite resource. You may be a sole trader allocating your time across marketing, selling, making product or delivering service. Or perhaps the MD/CEO of a business with a dedicated sales function.

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Sales rejections objection how to deal with it small business
Hidden Objections?

Prospects raise objections during the sales process. It should be expected, anticipated and welcomed. In fact objections excite me – it means the prospect is engaging in the process, it is my opportunity to advance...

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sales people buy rapport to close more sales small business
Sales: Converting leads into business

We tend to buy things (especially big ticket items and intangibles) from people we trust and like, yet the majority of sales people don’t invest time and effort, before the sales meeting, in creating credibility...

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Small business retail trends business coach
Three General Lessons from the Latest Retail Trends

The last 8–10 weeks of the year is when the world of retail goes mad. With the advent of the American Black Friday tradition and the creation of one of our own, Cyber Monday, it...

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convert leads into sales small medium size business
Converting Leads into Business

One of the most common failures in some business is how one business owner will spend so much time and money in investing on generating leads but will not be able to conduct the proper...

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