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Banks should support Growing Businesses … ‘unconditionally’ …

Our prime role as parents is to support our children to grow to a point of maturity and independence.  Often, the needs and demands of our children lead to support being ‘unconditional’. Frequently accepting that...

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Economic Growth – Opportunity or Threat?

The latest economic growth figures issued last week confirmed that the UK economy has returned to its pre-recession peak. And is now producing more than it has ever produced before. So shouldn’t business owners feel...

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The outlook for small business lending

A recent announcement from Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England that the Bank will not consider raising interest rates until the jobless rate has fallen to 7% or below has been met...

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Funding options for small businesses - Is it right for you - Business Advice
Financing Your Business – Not Just a One Trick Pony

Access to finance is a highly contentious issue for small businesses despite there being many funding options available. Despite what many people think, banks are still in the business of lending money. But the difference is...

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Running Out of Cash – The Heart Attack that Could Kill Your Business

If cash is king as the business saying goes. Then the power behind the throne is Cash Flow. Some people lose sight of what business is all about… The reality check is business is about creating...

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cash flow problems
Avoiding Cash Flow Problems

Most business owners will be familiar with the phrase ‘turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cash is king’. It is unclear who the original author was but that doesn’t negate its truth. Statistically most business...

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