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Access to Finance for SME

Now we are well into the new year, the question on everyone’ lips is … “Are Banks lending to SME Businesses?” … “Oh no they’re not!” Well you’d be wrong … “Oh yes they are!”

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Raising finance for SME UK
Top 5 Tips for Raising Finance

There’s little doubt that the market for raising finance changed considerably during the summer of 2008 and SMEs in particular have found it more difficult than ever to access finance over the last 5 years.

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Lending small business financial advice UK
Why is the public perception that Banks are not lending to SMEs?

Recently, I attended a council planning meeting. This was really eye opening as I had always thought that plans were difficult to get approved. To my surprise, the Councillors discussed the arguments for and against...

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Banks should support Growing Businesses … ‘unconditionally’ …

Our prime role as parents is to support our children to grow to a point of maturity and independence.  Often, the needs and demands of our children lead to support being ‘unconditional’. Frequently accepting that...

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Economic Growth – Opportunity or Threat?

The latest economic growth figures issued last week confirmed that the UK economy has returned to its pre-recession peak. And is now producing more than it has ever produced before. So shouldn’t business owners feel...

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The outlook for small business lending

A recent announcement from Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England that the Bank will not consider raising interest rates until the jobless rate has fallen to 7% or below has been met...

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