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Funding Growth & Investment from within the Business

We are often asked to help business owners find funding to support critical investments or to fund growth. Sometimes this is because the bank has turned down the request for a loan. Or the criteria...

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Using your numbers to drive value in your business

Firstly, all businesses of whatever size are required to keep financial records. They do this for a number of reasons. Statutory filing at Companies House. To allow the calculation of HMRC taxes. And to report...

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Cash vs Profit Financial
Cash versus profit

I once heard a business owner remark: “My accountant tells me we’re profitable, but we never seem to have enough cash.” Make no mistake both profit and money are important. Money is generally not generated...

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funding options for small businesses uk
Do you know ALL the Funding options for your growing business?

Cash is the life-giving fuel of every business, regardless of its size. Cash inflows, just like filling your tank with petrol or diesel, fuel strength and growth. While cash outflows are the necessary expenditures related...

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manage cash flow financial advise small businesses UK
Top 10 ways to Manage Cash Flow

Getting on top of your cash flow is very important if you want to get a hold of your finances. Here are 10 ways to manage cash flow:

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Managing cash flow small business executive business coaching UK
Easy Guide to Managing Cash Flow in Your Business

In any kind of business, managing cash flow is one of the many secrets to success. It is important to maintain a superb cash flow guide that can track the coming in and going out...

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