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customer retention tactics for small business
4 Ways to Improve Customer Retention

Before we get into how to improve customer retention we should ask why give it focus alongside acquiring new clients? The answer it turns out is very ...

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internet for business small business consultant UK
The Creation of Interconnectivity and the Internet

Today, most expect to stay connected through the use of the Internet. Finding information online, developing websites for business ...

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sales funnel for small business - executive consultancy and coaching SMEs
The All New Marketing – Sales Funnel

For many companies the sales process is changing. The old method of cold calling prospects to interest...

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Responsibilities as a managing director small business coaching and consultation
Being Aware of Your Own Responsibilities to Your Business and to Yourself

When it comes to conducting business, as many people would say, intelligence is important. But it seems to be overrated. Aside from having the mental skills that will be essential for your business success, another...

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Change management and executive consultancy for small business UK
When Change in Business is the Better Move

Embracing change comes easy for many people. But is also difficult to some. When change in business is the only choice your company has, business coaching is probably the best option. This helps employees and...

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