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New Year Resolutions: Tips & Ideas to Change Your Business

Posted on 16/12/2015, 10:01

New Year Resolutions rarely create sweeping personal or business changes, but the changing of year does provide the busy business owner with an opportunity to reflect on what has just gone and make positive adjustments to change the outcome of what lies ahead.

Changing something 100% is pretty daunting. Changing a manageable number of things by say 10% can create a powerful impact! With that in mind here some tips and practical ideas for making a difference in your business this year:

Three tips to making and maintaining change this year:

  1. Focus on one key change
  2. Be accountable to someone
  3. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help

Three ideas of things that could create a positive change:

  1. Take ownership: don’t complain about the economy, banks, the competition etc. Plan your own course, make realistic goals and review progress
  2. Understand your monthly financials: it’s powerful data so use it to understand your business, make impactful decisions and drive value
  3. Take time out: work on your business (and not in it). Invest time to learn one key new skill or regularly set time aside to research your market


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