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Ecommerce Trends to Watch For In 2016

Posted on 03/06/2016, 08:40

If you are in an Ecommerce business, it is essential for you to know the current trend in the business for 2016.  According to the experts, the ecommerce industry will take an amazing turn this year.

The Ecommerce growth can be attributed mainly to the recent changes that were implemented by Google.  The “sponsored” that appeared on the search result is also predicted to alter the behaviour of the online community.  The popularity of different social media platforms also contributed to these current Ecommerce trends as major social media sites included the buy button in their contact settings.

The Top Ecommerce Trends For 2016

Smartphone Will Dominate the E-commerce in 2016

According to the current statistics in the Ecommerce growth, smartphones and other handheld devices will overtake the amount of revenue that is generated through desktop.  This is because of the increasing trend in the use of mobile devices.  Last year, there was a striking increase in the number of people who use their devices when shopping online and it will only increase this year as more and more people are finding how comfortable it is to use it when shopping online.  Last 2015 around 40% of the revenue generated came from smart phone and it is predicted to surge up to 70% by the year 2017 based on the current Ecommerce trends.

Decline in Google Search

Searching on search engines sites especially Google when you are using your mobile devices will present you a lot of advertisement and sponsored result. The fact that you have to go to different pages just to find an organic search result is not an idea that is welcomed by the general population.  That is why most companies will not highly rely on search engine site as a source of traffic for their Ecommerce in 2016.  Though Google is a bit vocal when it comes to incorporating SEO, their search engine results are stating the opposite.  That is why it is imperative for your business to search for other channels outside of Google.

Mobile Payment System

As the number of people using their smartphone to shop increases, the company will start finding the most convenient payment option for the public.  Mobile payment system would be one of the major ecommerce trends this 2016.  A new mobile payment application will start to sprout and it will also be a platform where the business can offer or update their customers about promotional offers, rewards, coupon, deals and others.

Finally having an omnichannel will now be a crucial part of the Ecommerce growth.  Combining both your offline and online operation will become a major factor in the retail industry.  This Ecommerce trends this 2016 is a result of the data collected last 2015 and analysed to create a study that will help the retail industry of Ecommerce in 2016.

About the Author: Scott Whitehead is a Business Coach with Pro-actions, and resident expert in Social Media. For a free chat about what Scott can do for you and your business, including successful business tips, contact us today.

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