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5 Tips to Help You Make the Most Out Of Your Day

Posted on 17/06/2016, 11:16

We all have 24 hours to spend in a day. Whether you are the CEO of a multibillion dollar company with global operations or the owner of small business, the difference lies in how you make the most out of the time they you have.

If you own a business, and you are struggling to figure out how to manage your time effectively, keep on reading. Here are 5 simple ways to help you maximise your day:

  1. Set a Schedule: Before you start the day, make sure that you already have an achievable plan. You can take advantage of various digital apps that will allow you to create smart schedules. You will even be notified when the time comes that you have to be doing something.
  1. Avoid Multitasking: Forget the myth, according to University of London’s Institute of Psychiatry your IQ can fall when you are over stimulated. Experts in time management suggest that you should focus on doing one thing at a time. Your concentration will make you more efficient and productive.
  1. Apply the Pomodoro Technique: A popular tool for a long time and demonstrated to be highly effective. You need to have a timer and set yourself 25 minutes to concentrate on a single task. Once the time has lapsed, take a 5-minute break.
  1. Delegate Tasks: Regardless of how hands-on you would like to be, with too many things that need to be accomplished, doing things on your own is not realistic. Learn how to distribute responsibilities to people you trust.
  1. Avoid the Shiny Object Syndrome: Shiny objects are distractions that pop up; new opportunities that can be too tempting. Concentrate on completing the task on hand first and don’t get distracted.

About the Author: Scott Whitehead is a Business Improvement Specialist with Pro-actions, and resident expert in Social Media. For a free chat about what Scott can do for you and your business, including successful business tips, contact us today.

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