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Running Out of Cash – The Heart Attack that Could Kill Your Business

Posted on 25/06/2012, 09:42

If cash is king as the business saying goes, then the power behind the throne is CashFlow. Some people lose sight of what business is all about… the reality check is business is about creating cash for yourself and the business.

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Confessions of an ex-Business Link Business Adviser

Posted on 19/06/2012, 09:31

According to an old Scottish proverb, open confession is good for the soul. Embracing this thought and with due regard to my Scottish ancestry, I have two confessions to make:

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Cash Flow – The Most Important Control Your Business Will Ever Have

Posted on 12/06/2012, 09:28

Most business owners will be familiar with the phrase turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cash is king’. It is unclear who the original author was but we all tend to acknowledge it as a truism. However, despite believing that this is right, statistically most business failures are due to cash flow problems.

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People Series: Blog 4 – Performance Management

Our last newsletter focused on the importance of setting objectives and expectations for each of the roles in your organisation. Having done that it is vital to review performance against the objectives set.

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People Series: Blog 3 “Objectives and Expectations”

So, you’ve now decided on your organisational structure, the roles you are looking to fill and started to recruit your team (see our previous newsletters). Now it’s time to start to think about setting the objectives for these roles and, just as importantly, your expectations.

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People Series: Blog 2 “Recruitment”

Good recruitment always starts with being clear about what you are trying to recruit for.  This sounds simple but is rarely easy…

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