Tweets to Soon Show in Google Search Results – How this will Affect your Marketing

tweets to show up in Google search results

POSTED ON: Monday, April 13th, 2015

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Google and Twitter have reached a deal that will allow the search engine giant access to the latter’s content database. That means users will see tweets in Google search results soon. It is a win-win situation for both companies. Google can revive its real-time tweet results, and Twitter will get more traffic and activities.

The agreement between Google and Twitter can greatly affect the marketing strategies of businesses. One thing that businesses should consider that tweets in Google search will mean search optimisation will become more important. Content will still be king, and if the tweet is not correctly optimised then it will not have the chance to show up in the results. Businesses must ensure that their online marketing teams incorporate both social and search into their strategies. They must use high-value keywords in their tweets so that it will show up high in the searches.

Twitter has always been a mobile-first conversation tool, and that’s why businesses must ensure they have mobile friendly sites. And with the integration of tweets in Google search, Twitter will be able to increase its organic reach. Because of this, businesses need to treat their tweets as landing pages or ads. There should be a call to action within the 140 character limit. A simple message will not be enough to sway users to take action.

Results pages will become dynamic again, just like when Google first experimented with tweets in Google search before Twitter stopped sharing its resources with the search engine giant. Now businesses can easily monitor conversations and react accordingly. If a consumer leaves a negative statement about the business’ products and/or services, then the company can explain or offer a solution to the complaint right away. If other people come across the negative comment and see what action the company took to solve the problem, they will have a good impression on the company. This conversation can be seen in Google search results, and companies need to be aware of this.

In the past, what was said on Twitter, remained on Twitter. And as time passes, the message moves down the timeline and will be forgotten. But with the deal between Google and Twitter, old tweets can show up in Google. Businesses must ensure that their tweets come across professional no matter what year it was posted.

Businesses need to have a person manning their social media accounts full time. And there are tools that businesses can equip their personnel to do so. There are apps for Twitter that will make it easily for the person to find out the pulse of the consumers using the micro-blogging platform. This is important once Google is allowed to post tweets on its search results pages once again.

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