Do your research! How your R&D spend could bring cash into your business

Did you know that your company may be entitled to an injection of cash from R&D tax relief? Most people don’t…

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POSTED ON: Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to negatively affect businesses and many of you will be burning through cash reserves to keep your company afloat. Whilst there is help available in the form of extra borrowing, there may be a way to inject some capital into your business without taking on more debt.

Your company may be able to claim tax relief for R&D activity that you have undertaken in the last 2 years. The scheme is designed to allow businesses that invest in R&D to recoup some cost through tax credits – this is cash into your business. Many of the businesses that successfully claim often didn’t realise they could.

We have partnered with a top R&D claims specialist who can ensure you maximise this allowance and your claim is dealt with quickly (often settled within a few weeks).

If you would like to explore this opportunity, please contact our team.

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