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New year change business mentoring and coaching UK (1)
New Year Resolutions: Tips & Ideas to Change Your Business

New Year Resolutions rarely create a sweeping personal or business change, but the changing of year does provide the busy business owner with an opportunity to reflect on what has just gone and make positive...

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Cash vs Profit Financial
Cash versus profit

I once heard a business owner remark: “My accountant tells me we’re profitable, but we never seem to have enough cash.” Make no mistake both profit and money are important. Money is generally not generated...

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Social media win new customer for small business UK (1)
Winning New Customers via Social Media for Business

Social Media has fast become one of the most effective platforms for businesses. Aside from creating communities, social media for business is somehow being seen as a means of winning new customers.

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Twitter polls for business social media consultant UK
Using Twitter Polls for Your Business

One of Social Media’s biggest platforms just released its latest update of allowing for customers to choose between ideas or options. Meet Twitter polls.

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customer feedback importance small business
5 Questions You Should Ask Every Customer

One way to gauge the quality of the effectiveness of your business is by listening to the feedback coming from your  customers.

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sales people buy rapport to close more sales small business
Sales: Converting leads into business

We tend to buy things (especially big ticket items and intangibles) from people we trust and like, yet the majority of sales people don’t invest time and effort, before the sales meeting, in creating credibility...

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