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What is an ‘intrapreneur’
What is an ‘intrapreneur’ and why are they crucial in your business?

What is a Intrapreneur? By definition, it is is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur, while working within a large organization. But it is also a crucial part of running a small business.

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busy business owner help with time management - Business coach
Are you too busy to focus on growing your business?

Recent research has shown that small business owners who manage their time well are 20% more likely to grow than that those who don’t. But the report by Exact and the Centre for Enterprise and...

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sme business lending UK
Access to Finance for SME

Now we are well into the new year, the question on everyone’ lips is … “Are Banks lending to SME Businesses?” … “Oh no they’re not!” Well you’d be wrong … “Oh yes they are!”

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Business processes and strategy - Small business coach and consultant UK
9 Benefits of Effective Business Systems and Processes

Effective business systems and processes provide a number of benefits to the business, its customers and staff. However there is also an investment of time, effort and probably money required. So are the benefits to...

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spending marketing plans for 2015
8 trends that will impact every small business this year

As all SMEs will know, it is important to always be one step ahead in business planning. That is why Pro-actions’ Business Improvement Specialists have compiled a list of the 8 marketing trends that need...

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