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12 Month Workshop Programme

What are Pro-actions Workshops?

Pro-actions Workshops are a programme of 12, typically monthly events that provide a business owner with a complete understanding of core business disciples in a group learning environment.

A typical workshop will have up to10 business owners and will involve presentation, group discussion, individual and group working. Key to their success is “homework”, with an expectation that attendees will begin to work out the principles discussed at the workshops, between sessions, in their own businesses. The beginning of each new workshop will offer an opportunity for the sharing of experiences, successes and challenges.

Pro-actions Workshop programme is broken into the following key areas: Business Strategy & Planning; Marketing Strategy; Marketing Planning; Sales Process (1) – New Business Development; Sales Process (2) – Client Retention; Leadership & Management; Team Performance and Management; Understanding Profit & Loss and Cash; Budgeting & Forecasting; Measurement and Key Performance Indicators; Risk & Sensitivity; Business Funding for Growth

What do we find?

Many SME owner managers began their business out of a love for what they do, to get away from the corporate world or because an opportunity arose. Often business owners don’t have a background in business processes or knowledge of how to get the best out of their businesses.

How can we help?

The Pro-actions Workshop programme covers all the areas we would expect to see in a well-considered business plan. Developing a powerful business plan that establishes clear goals and direction and a sound framework to achieve those goals is, we believe, a vital tool for any business.

Joining a Pro-actions workshop programme will equip the busy business owner to implement all the key business processes and in the process will establish a powerful business plan for their company.

Pro-actions is consistently updating the Seminar, Masterclass and Workshop programme. To view our latest programme and make a reservation at one of our Seminars fill out the form below.


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