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Funding & Investment

Why is it so hard to obtain finance?

There is a myth that banks and other institutions are not lending and obtaining any form of credit is impossible.

This is not true; knowing what banks and other institutions or investors look for when considering loan applications is the key to securing funding. Often there are suitable alternatives such as angel investors, crowd funding, spot factoring and invoice discounting. Presenting the RIGHT information in the right format and having a positive reason for funding will give you your best chance of being successful.

The type of funding that will suit you and your business is also important. This may not be a straightforward loan; angel investment, spot factoring and invoice discounting and crowd funding may be suitable alternatives. We’ll help you determine the right path to maximise your return!

What do we find?

Many bank applications for funding fail because the information presented isn’t complete or compelling. Approaching other types of investors is often similarly unsuccessful.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person assessing your case; would you invest if you were them?

How can we help?

We will help you piece this together exploring why the funding is required, how it will be repaid, Helping with your business plan, accurate financial information (both historic and projected), marketing plans, organisational structure and many other key measures.


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