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Business Masterclasses

What is a Pro-actions Masterclass?

As the name implies, a Masterclass takes a key business process and drills into the detail, equipping a business owner to implement that process in their own company.

A Masterclass is typically a half day, interactive learning event that contains presentation, discussion and working examples. A workbook is provided so that the learnings can be specifically applied to your business when you are back at the office.

Pro-actions offer Masterclasses in the following: Business planning; Marketing Strategy and Planning; Sales Strategy and Planning; The Essential Elements of Business – Profit and Cash.

What do we find?

Many SME owner managers began their business out of a love for what they do, to get away from the corporate world or because an opportunity arose. Often business owners don’t have a background in business processes or knowledge of how to get the best out of their businesses.

How can we help?

The Pro-actions Masterclass programme has been developed to give an in-depth understanding of 4 key business disciplines that are core to the success of any business and equip the busy business owner to establish sound working practise in their own company.

Pro-actions is consistently updating the Seminar, Masterclass and Workshop programme. To view our latest programme and make a reservation at one of our Seminars fill out the form below.

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