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How We Help

Pro-actions has a network of results-focused Business Coaches helping business owners address their issues, improve their results, and kick start growth. We help businesses achieve their potential so they provide their owners with the lifestyles they want.

We do this through…

  • Business Seminars: Free to attend events on a specific business topic designed to increase your knowledge
  • Business Masterclasses: In depth, half day interactive learning environments designed to equip you in the essential business processes
  • 12 Month Workshop Programme: 12 interactive working sessions following a business planning canvas, designed for smaller businesses to benefit from business coaching in a cost effective manner
  • Business Coaching: one to one coaching, mentoring and customised support designed to meet the bespoke needs of you and your business, at the pace that you need it and an affordable price.

5 Key Measures to Grow Sales and Improve your Profit

In or last article, “Measuring What’s Important” we discussed key performance indicators or KPIs. There are lagging KPIs such as financial measures that tell you what just happened and leading KPIs that indicate what your financials are likely to look like.

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Measuring what’s important

Following on from our previous blog in this series, “The Most Important Thing”, the next step is to translate your goals into action.  For this, setting your targets and measuring your performance against them is vital to making them happen.

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The Most Important Thing is the Most Important Thing

What do you want to achieve in your business? Every owner manager had their reasons for why they started out on that journey – what are yours? And more importantly, are they still valid, are you on track, or are your hopes and desires being frustrated?

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