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How We Help

Pro-actions has a network of results-focused Business Coaches helping business owners address their issues, improve their results, and kick start growth. We help businesses achieve their potential so they provide their owners with the lifestyles they want.

We do this through…

  • Business Seminars: Free to attend events on a specific business topic designed to increase your knowledge
  • Business Masterclasses: In depth, half day interactive learning environments designed to equip you in the essential business processes
  • 12 Month Workshop Programme: 12 interactive working sessions following a business planning canvas, designed for smaller businesses to benefit from business coaching in a cost effective manner
  • Business Coaching: one to one coaching, mentoring and customised support designed to meet the bespoke needs of you and your business, at the pace that you need it and an affordable price.

Marketing Series: Blog 2 ‘Is your marketing fit for the digital age?’

So you have your marketing plan sorted out (if not, see our previous blog in this series for some useful pointers).  Now you just need to make it happen.

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Those that plan … win!

Those that plan … win! A good marketing plan dovetails with your business plan. Together they act as a navigation system for your business: assessing the conditions and setting the strategic direction.

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People Series: Blog 4 – Performance Management

Our last newsletter focused on the importance of setting objectives and expectations for each of the roles in your organisation. Having done that it is vital to review performance against the objectives set.

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