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Pro-actions aspire to provide the best business help, support and guidance to SME business owners, locally. We have a local team of Business Coaches with the business management skills and experience necessary to provide business help to SME Business Owners.

We do this by offering a:

Free Business Help Session – taking time to understand your business – where it has come from, how well personal and business goals are aligned, growth plans, business strengths and weakness.

This will usually unveil areas where some business management guidance and support my help the directors and the business to achieve your ambitions. Or not! There is no commitment or obligation.

We also offer:

Free to attend Business Seminars – often in partnership with Local Authorities; Growth Hubs; Chambers of Commerce; Federation of Small Businesses; Banks; Accountants and other professional organisations.

Pro-actions offers a free business help session

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Simon Tempest is the regional director of Pro-actions (Wessex) Ltd; a business improvement specialist offering help, advice and support to the SME sector. The geographic focus of the business is the vibrant economic region around the M4 corridor from Berkshire to East Avon. Prior to Pro-actions, Simon held a number of executive and leadership positions in multi-national companies and mid-sized enterprises. As the lead executive responsible for the P/L he has led multi-functional teams in growth environments and been part of an executive team in a successful turnaround. Simon has run a UK SME and understands the pressures of leadership with few resources that need to be carefully managed. Simon has 30 years’ experience of managing businesses in UK and Europe and has had significant involvement in marketing, sourcing and selling in USA and South East Asia. He has successfully led businesses in a number of industries. Possessing a broad commercial skill set embracing marketing, sales and business development. Simon also has extensive experience in product development and knowledge of finance and the supply chain and has been involved in major change management projects. During his career, Simon has worked with many small and mid-sized businesses, sourcing key products and services. Working with these businesses highlighted the importance of SMEs and the issues faced by very busy business owners. It is this range of business knowledge and experience that is available for the benefit of small and mid-sized business owners in the South of England. Simon has a first class honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a post graduate diploma in Marketing.

In his corporate life Simon led many programmes and projects to improve efficiency, create new products, implement new systems and technology, find better ways of working, improve market share, decrease costs and improve customer satisfaction.  He embodies continuous improvement and has the strength of character and purpose to carry others along with him.

Simon acknowledges that change can be the hardest thing to do.  It “takes us out of our comfort zone and if not managed properly, can produce a whole new set of problems.  It’s often easiest not to do anything.  But if we don’t do anything – nothing will change”.  Simon excels at managing change to improve performance and thoroughly enjoys the challenges this produces.  “Often the hardest thing is getting the initial drive and energy to start the program, but once we’ve started hang on and enjoy the ride.  And I promise – I’ve got energy to spare.

Simon started his business coaching career in 2007. He has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of businesses of all sizes and across all sectors.  In 2015 Simon decided to team up with Pro-Actions as  “The Pro-Actions systems and  toolbox are second to none” and together with Simon’s desire to improve business and personal performance, this produces an exceptionally powerful combination.  It’s also given Simon the opportunity to make a difference where it really matters: “What can be better than improving people’s businesses, their quality of life and as a result, that of their family?



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