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Pro-actions aspire to provide the best business help, support and guidance to SME business owners, locally. We have a local team of Business Coaches with the business management skills and experience necessary to provide business help to SME Business Owners.

We do this by offering a:

Free Business Help Session – taking time to understand your business – where it has come from, how well personal and business goals are aligned, growth plans, business strengths and weakness.

This will usually unveil areas where some business management guidance and support my help the directors and the business to achieve your ambitions. Or not! There is no commitment or obligation.

We also offer:

Free to attend Business Seminars – often in partnership with Local Authorities; Growth Hubs; Chambers of Commerce; Federation of Small Businesses; Banks; Accountants and other professional organisations.

Pro-actions offers a free business help session

Contact the Team

Regional Director – Stuart O’Neill

About Stuart:

A highly accomplished, commercially adept and strategically focused Business Leader with a 20 year career operating within many areas of the Banking profession. A strategic thinker and creative problem solver with a history of success and an exemplary record for delivering, executing and managing high growth sales and marketing operations.

Stuart is married to Jan and has two children (Olivia and Eve), he lives in Great Dunmow, Essex. He is a diehard Manchester United supporter who loves to cook, drink red wine and single malt whisky whilst listening to his favourite band, The Fall.

Graeme has over 30 years experience in senior sales, sales leadership, business development and marketing.  Much of this  in the technology sector. During this time his range of experience has ranged from leading international teams delivering multi-million pound projects to helping launch new products that were of ‘make or break’ importance for his company. He has extensive experience in building co-operation and collaboration between different groups of personnel.

In later years he has been involved in helping new companies make the most of their capabilities by exploring new markets.He has a particular interest in companies working with other companies in either partnership or alliance relationships to assist in market presence and growth.

Graeme is an honours graduate in Economics, is based in Essex covering East London and West Essex.

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