Oasis Accountants have partnered with
Pro-actions business advisors to support our clients across all industries

Pro-actions’ philosophy and disciplined approach to strategic decision-making can be applied across all sectors. Specialising in working with small to medium-sized businesses, their advisors will tailor their support to meet your goals.

Business Health Assessment

Devised by

in partnership with Oasis Accountants

Is your business resilient and robust enough to survive and thrive with increased profits and greater control?

Discover what you are doing well, where you could improve and the warning signs that require urgent attention.

  • You’ll be asked about 8 ‘health factors’ that are critical for business success
  • Go with your first answer rather than analyse the situation too deeply
  • The test should take under 10 minutes
  • You’ll receive an in-depth analysis of your results upon completion

Professional business coaching – a proven way to accelerate growth

Most successful business owners use external advice. Research suggests 90% of businesses that experience hyper growth have access to external support to help them plan and deliver that growth, with business coaching cited as the ‘most trusted’ source of advice.

A good business coach: your best friend and biggest critic

Pro-actions coaches will help you clarify your vision, strategy and goals. They can provide an objective, independent voice to challenge your thinking and hold you to account so you can drive your business towards success.

‘Hands-on’ business consultation: the Pro-actions difference

Pro-actions advisors understand that to do their job, they need to get under the skin of the economics and value of your business. Before doing anything else, they will grapple with your figures and dissect your business model to understand your business.

Book your free advisory session

To discuss how you can take your business forward, Oasis clients can arrange a free one-to-one advisory session with Pro-actions advisor Michael Rawlinson. Michael has over 40 years’ experience in business leadership, planning, strategic marketing and sales generation. He has run two industry trade associations, helping hundreds of member companies grow and thrive in competitive environments. To receive specific recommendations for your business, you are invited to book a review with Michael.

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Problems and pain points: how Pro-actions business support services will help you

Problems and pain points in businesses often manifest in different areas from their root causes. Pro-actions specialise in taking the time to understand you and your business to find the root causes of problems. And then work with you and alongside you to fix them. A key differentiator is that Pro-actions business advisors are ‘sleeves rolled up’ people. They know that in an SME there just isn’t the resource and time available to get everything done so it’s all hands to the pump.

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Some specific issues and pain points that Pro-actions regularly encounter and deal with:

• Lack of clear direction and goals for the business
• Muddled or unclear strategy about how to achieve the goals
• Ineffective marketing / insufficient leads or opportunities for sales
• Ineffective sales / insufficient turnover
• Cashflow problems (lack of cash or failure to see issues coming)
• People issues (lack of accountability, motivation, retention, conflict)
• General lack of grip and control
• Inability to raise finance

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Sometimes there are exceptional issues and decisions that are outside the normal ambit of running a business where Pro-actions also help by rolling up our sleeves and working alongside you:

• Mergers, acquisitions and divestments
• Crisis resolution
• Emergency financing
• Exit or sale planning
• Distress resolution and turnaround
• Potential insolvency situations