Business Consultation

Book a free one-to-one advisory session with a Pro-actions coach

The session will last about two hours.

  •  Step outside your business and gain experienced perspective from an advisor who understands where you are now.
  • The advisor will seek to identify your goals, what you want from your business and the opportunities and problems that you face.
  • You will be left with a clearer sense of direction, with practical recommendations to improve your business.
  • It’s completely free, with no obligation, hard-sell or commitment required.
  • Meet face-to-face in a setting compliant with Covid-restrictions, or chat via a video call or phone call.

Help to navigate the fallout of Covid and Brexit with practical steers from an experienced advisor

With a changing economic landscape to contend with, many businesses need to make the right decisions now in order to capitalise on opportunities that may be available. Take advantage of our free expert advice on how to steer through these tricky times. Feel free to bring everything that may help the advisor to get under the skin of your business, such as accounts and a business strategy (if one exists).

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Watch what our clients have to say about our free one-to-one business consultation

The video below outlines the experiences of some business owners who met Pro-actions initially in a one-to-one business consultation session and then went on to become long term-clients.

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