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leadership and social media
Social Media Skills for Leadership

Social media offers a lot of opportunity for any business, but as well as hazard.  It is an ideal platform to connect to the customers and improve your branding by using the most recent and...

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ecommerce business trends 2016 (1)
Ecommerce Trends to Watch For In 2016

If you are in an Ecommerce business, it is essential for you to know the current trend in the business for 2016.  According to the experts, the ecommerce industry will take an amazing turn this...

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Social media win new customer for small business UK (1)
Winning New Customers via Social Media for Business

Social Media has fast become one of the most effective platforms for businesses. Aside from creating communities, social media for business is somehow being seen as a means of winning new customers.

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Twitter polls for business social media consultant UK
Using Twitter Polls for Your Business

One of Social Media’s biggest platforms just released its latest update of allowing for customers to choose between ideas or options. Meet Twitter polls.

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small businesses social media and business growth
What Small Companies can be doing to Drive Business Growth

Social Media as a Tool for Small Companies Because of recent economic drawbacks in the United Kingdom, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) find themselves lacking customers and opportunities.

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tweets to show up in Google search results
Tweets to Soon Show in Google Search Results – How this will Affect your Marketing

Google and Twitter have reached a deal that will allow the search engine giant access to the latter’s content database. That means users will see tweets in Google search results soon. It is a win-win...

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