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Our Story

Pro-actions was established in 2007 by CEO, Andy Linnett with a vision to become the leading business support provider to SMEs in the UK. Andy had successfully built and run a previous business under the watchful guidance of a mentor and has always had a strong belief that having outside help is one of the main factors for success.

The roots of our “results focused approach” were set in the early years through recognition that most people who own and run businesses in the SME sector possess unique technical strengths but find the “business numbers” the least favoured part of business. Combining great business coaching, advising, consulting and mentoring with an approach that always keeps the results in sight has guaranteed that we continue to bring benefit to all those we help.

From our start in Essex we quickly established ourselves across the south of England followed by a large part of the country. We are a key partner to small business owners, helping them to grow their businesses profitably and achieve their full potential. We now have many long-term clients having helped over 500 small businesses succeed.

Strong relationships were also built with a network of professional partners including major banks, local authorities and other business service providers which adds significant value to our clients.

As the journey continues and with national coverage within our sights the challenge for those within the group and those who join us is to stay true to maintaining the very high standards that have been set. By creating a national team of the very best advisers we will continue to help SME owners and managers to achieve their business and life goals!

5 Key Measures to Grow Sales and Improve your Profit

In or last article, “Measuring What’s Important” we discussed key performance indicators or KPIs. There are lagging KPIs such as financial measures that tell you what just happened and leading KPIs that indicate what your financials are likely to look like.

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Measuring what’s important

Following on from our previous blog in this series, “The Most Important Thing”, the next step is to translate your goals into action.  For this, setting your targets and measuring your performance against them is vital to making them happen.

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The Most Important Thing is the Most Important Thing

What do you want to achieve in your business? Every owner manager had their reasons for why they started out on that journey – what are yours? And more importantly, are they still valid, are you on track, or are your hopes and desires being frustrated?

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