Pro-actions - Business Improvement Specialists

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What does it look like on a day-to- day basis?

You will be working directly with your own portfolio of SME owners and will benefit from extensive initial and ongoing support from us to establish and grow your business.

In addition to delivering coaching and mentoring services you will undertake business development and local marketing activity including working with your regional associates to build networks among SME business owners and key introducers (banks, local authorities, professional bodies etc.).

Key elements of the Pro-actions business model are:

Seminars which are a free-to-attend give away of information to potential clients.

Each coach runs free to attend, rich in content events, typically every 4-6 weeks in their area. They serve to introduce you to potential clients and build your profile in your area.

Retained mentoring services to help SME owners on a 1:1 basis.

You will provide these 1:1 mentoring services to clients in line with our model and using out intellectual property to help you. These will help you identify areas of focus for your ongoing support to the business.

Workshops - quality coaching and learning for workgroups of SME owners.

For smaller clients, workshops provide an opportunity to deliver support in a paid for group learning environment.