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Leadership and Management

What is Leadership Management ?

So the business is growing and suddenly a new challenge has arrived; how do I get staff to be as good as they can be? Pro-actions have seen many business owners who have grown successfully suddenly discover leadership and management is an entirely new issue?

Now its at the stage where rather than just doing more of the same there is a need to employ staff who may know nothing about the business and at best treat it as a job. So how do you make sure these staff are adding value to justify their employment, that they are doing the right things, both at the right time and to the right standard. How do you know what they are saying to customers and suppliers alike? Are they an asset to the business or a cost? How do you lead and manage them?

What do we find?

A number of business owners now find themselves out of their comfort zone. No one has ever given them management training; and leading a team is outside anything they have considered up till now. All of a sudden rather than the excitement of winning business and the satisfaction of happy customers they are facing unhappy staff and issues. The staff are also often in the space where they feel they don’t know what is required, the Boss keeps changing their mind and they don’t enjoy working there. So staff and owner alike are unhappy and this is being reflected in sales and customer service.

As the owner, running a business is often hard enough and leading and managing an unmotivated team just makes it even worse. The joy of being your own boss is taken away and suddenly you start wondering whether your staff are working for you or you are working for your staff!

How can we help?

Some people say that leaders are born not trained. However, Pro-actions experience from successfully helping business owners get the “buzz” back and enjoy managing and leading their team again is that, with help, most owners can make the transition. Our Business Coaches come from a range of experiences and skills and recognise what is needed to help business owners and staff alike enjoy work and make it a success.


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