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Business Growth

Planning and Managing Growth:

Growth is vital to any company; there is a well-known phrase “if you’re not moving forwards, you’re going backwards”

Most businesses that have experienced high growth carefully strategised and planned for that growth to take place. They identify beforehand where the growth will come from, how they will stimulate it and importantly what needs to be put in place to ensure that they are capable of maintaining it; profitably!

What do we find?

Many business owners want their businesses to grow and are frustrated by a lack of growth. Others find their business is growing and they are now faced with new challenges that they feel ill equipped to face.

There are many stresses placed upon a business when it begins to grow; common areas include leadership capacity, recruitment of key skills, operational capacity and cash-flow. All of them can stop growth in its tracks; but a lack of cash can kill an otherwise healthy business.

How can we help?

Our hands on business experience means we can help you clarify your growth strategy upfront. Sound planning will underpin your growth ambitions and pre-identify many of the areas that will come under stress as you grow. We can then help you put in place strategies to develop your business capacity in key areas giving you every chance to grow profitably.

Sometimes even the best laid plans face challenges and we can help you put in place key performance indicators that will provide early identification of potential problems. The implementation of timely mitigation strategies will then keep your growth ambitions on track.


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